Saturday, January 23, 2016

3 Ways to Enjoy RootsTech From Home!

This year I am heading to Salt Lake City, Utah for RootsTech. It is a dream come true to be able to attend this magnificent event and especially to have the opportunity to teach two class sessions! Grilo
As I was preparing, I remembered back to last year. I couldn't go, was rather sick with a cold, and feeling pretty bummed. Somewhere, I read that I could enjoy RootsTech even from home. That is exactly what I did!

Would you like to participate in RootsTech from home? Let me share with you how!

RootsTech is being held Wednesday - Saturday, February 3 - 6. Remember, times are based on Mountain Standard Time.

Go to the RootsTech website at If you click "Attend" at the top, a pull down menu will appear. Click on "Video Archive." Here you can enjoy nineteen class sessions from 2015. Once this year's RootsTech conference is over, there will be videos of the sessions from 2016.

Last year, class sessions were also LIVE STREAMING from the RootsTech website. While many of my friends were sitting in the classroom, I was sitting comfortably on my couch! This year, the new sessions will be live streaming too. You will see the schedule for live streaming soon and can plan accordingly. The great thing about watching from home is that if something comes up, you can always watch it later.

These sessions will be archived at the website for your viewing until 2017.

The next important thing to do is "like" the RootsTech Facebook page. You want to make sure you are "liking" the correct one (I found three), so I have included the link here. You can keep up with all the announcements, articles, and pictures from the event.

In addition to Facebook, follow along in real time by using Twitter. Follow your favorite bloggers, favorite speakers, and RootsTech itself. Don't forget to tweet your own thoughts as you watch from home! Use the hashtag #RootsTech.
Bowser Family Photo, 1966

Lastly, there is a special Saturday event titled "Family Discovery Day." Many of these sessions will be streaming live as well. The times, sessions, and speakers for Family Discovery Day can be found here. These sessions will be archived and later available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.


There you have it. Three great ways to enjoy RootsTech from home. I hope to write a post or two from Salt Lake, so don't forget to check back in. Follow me on Twitter @mykithnkin. For those of you attending the event, come by the booth and see me, or attend either of my class sessions. (See below.)

Session Title: "Overcoming Genealogy Roadblocks by Crowdsourcing with RootsBid."
Session Time for Thursday: 11:00 AM, room 155 E
Session Time for Friday: 1:30 PM, room 255 B


  1. Way #4 - follow the #RootsTech hashtag on Twitter! Lots of people share observations, questions, photos, and videos there. It's how I survived when I missed out on attending the first RootsTech in person.

  2. Thank you for the reminder! I think maybe this year, I will clear off my calendar to enjoy the live stream. Maybe one day, I can attend in person!

    1. I hope you enjoy live streaming and WHEN you make it to RootsTech, I hope I will be there to say hello!


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