Thursday, February 25, 2016

Finding Every Opportunity

New Bishopric of the Sidney Ward
Left to right: Jim Van Luven (1st Counselor), Bishop Joe Chrisman,
Chad Tennant (2nd Counselor)
These last two weeks seem to be filled with opportunities to share my personal and family history. Last week, my husband was called as a Bishopric member at our church. We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you are unfamiliar with what a Bishopric is, it is like a Pastor (who we call a Bishop) and his two assistant pastors. Chad is one of these "assistant pastors." You might wonder what this has to do with family history. Let me tell you!

When I was  a young child, about 8 years old, my father was called as a member of the Bishopric in this same church building as my husband is today. Dad was later called as the Bishop of our ward. Today, my youngest daughter is 9 years old, so very close to my same age then. I was able to share with her, and my other children, how I felt as I was sitting in those SAME pews when my father was called to this position.

Former Bishops, Left to right: James Chrisman, Sr., Arthur Bowser (my dad), Mark
Zelnick, Del Cabe, Randall Frisbee, and Joseph Chrisman (son of James Chrisman)
After the calling was announced in church, the new members of the Bishopric and their families met in a small room. Now this was really something special. As I looked around the room, I realized that there were five former Bishops in the building that day, one was my father. After our meeting, I could not resist mentioning this unique event. We gathered all the former Bishops and the newest Bishop for a picture! This was part of my personal and family history. These men, especially my own father, had been the spiritual leaders of my entire life. Each one had influenced me in a significant and positive way. With this picture, I plan to share with my descendants this special story.

I was nostalgic for several days and found myself finding any opportunity to share a family history story. This morning, my two older children and I were reading about Nehemiah in the Old Testament. If you remember, Nehemiah was a good man. He was working to rebuild the walls in Jerusalem, yet he was continually thwarted by a few individuals. We applied this to our own lives today and how when we are doing the Lord's work, we are sometimes bombarded by those who would hinder the work. Because of our faith and knowledge, we know that the Lord's work cannot be deterred. He is there to help us when we ask.

My dad, Art Bowser, playing on a little tractor.
Somehow, this discussion turned to a family story from many decades ago. When my father was a little boy, I believe he was between 3 - 5 years of age, he was riding on the tractor with his dad. Grandpa was pulling along the disc tiller and Dad fell off. The sharp tiller went directly over his little body. He should have been gravely injured or worse, but he had not one cut. My children and I talked about how some would chalk this up to a coincidence, but what was it really? A miracle. In fact, this miracle saved the life of a little boy who then went on to do the Lord's work in many small ways. He served a mission, he served as a Bishop, he has been a great father and grandfather. Oh, my heart was full!

In conclusion, if you look for opportunities to share your personal and family stories, YOU WILL FIND THEM. I am convinced that our descendants will be inspired by our stories and find value, comfort, and wisdom from each of them! Have you had an opportunity to share a story today?


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  2. That's so neat. I love being able to tell my son what life was like when I was his age, and he LOVES hearing it. I'm so glad you gathered all the former bishops for a picture. What a treasure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It was one of my favorite reads of the week. I shared it on my list -

    1. Nicole..thank you so much for taking time to read and share my post! It made my day to hear it was one of your favorites!

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