Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ten Tiny Tidbits to Record for Baby

What a wonderful weekend! My sister and her husband welcomed their third baby girl into the family. Eden Rose was born at 3:20 am on the 24th of April, 2016. So adorable!
Andrea and new baby, Eden Rose.

I sat down last night to record the events of the labor and delivery in my journal. What did I include? Here are ten tiny tidbits I suggest we all record for the new babies in the family.

1. Full name and the reason the name was chosen.
2. Time of birth, date of birth, and stats of baby.
3. What hospital was baby born and where is it?
4. How did Mommy know it was "time to go to the hospital?"
5. Who went to the hospital with Mommy and who was present at the birth?
6. Who took care of the other children when Mommy and Daddy went to the hospital?
7. How long was labor and delivery? Were there any problems or difficulties?
8. What was the first thing Daddy said when he saw the new baby?
9. What was the first thought Mommy had when she saw the new baby?
10. Does baby look more like Mommy or Daddy?

Dave and his three little girls.
You may have more tiny tidbits to include; the more the merrier! In our little baby's story, I included that her Auntie Mandie stayed the first night with her in the hospital. Because Mommy had a bad reaction to some medications, she was moved to a bigger hospital some distance away. Daddy was exhausted and had spent the daytime hours with Mommy. Now, in the evening, the two older children needed some attention. Daddy went to be with them and Auntie Mandie went to stay all night at the hospital with Eden. She reveled in the glory of having a little one to cuddle!

Eden Rose on her special night with Aunt
Finally, Andrea was released from the hospital and reunited with her new baby and family. It was a long few days, but the reunion was all the more sweeter. Oh, and I got to hold and cuddle the new little one too!

Me and baby Eden.


  1. It does sound exhausting and nerve wracking for everyone, but glad things worked out and momma and baby are home now!


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