Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mystery Solved...Sort of

Well, after blowing up the death certificate images and looking more closely, it seems that the years were penned weird and could actually be correct.  Meaning that they died AFTER the 1910 census. This just goes to show you how many times you need to check and re-check everything!

However, while digging around I found that the patriarch of the family still had some secrets.  It seems that although he went by Albert Huston by 1880, he was actually born Albert Huston Parton. There is quite a bit of chatter online about there being proof (documents and DNA) that Albert Huston Parton had lived in Sevier County, TN prior to and just after the Civil War.  He wanted out of a bad marriage and left. He had his wife notified he was dead.  Albert is said to have gone to Harlan and married a woman there by the last name of Pace.

Is Albert Huston Parton actually my Albert Huston of Harlan County, Kentucky?

This grandfather of mine, Albert Huston, doesn't show up anywhere before 1871 when he miraculously shows up in Harlan to marry my grandmother, Martha Pace.  The 1910 census does indeed say he was married 2 times, though I do not know to whom.

One proposed theory says that there are records that Albert's first wife, Sarah Evans Parton, had filed for his Civil War pension in Sevier County, TN.  She apparently was granted pension, but then is said to have died.  Albert then apparently returns and applies for his own pension and has it sent to Knoxville, Kentucky where it is then forwarded to Harlan.


I have yet to check all these theories, but it sure does make a good story!  Below, I have attached a picture of my 3rd great grandfather, Albert Huston of Harlan County, Kentucky.  This picture is said to have been taken in 1896 when the Civil War Veterans of Harlan County posed for a picture. Interesting that he is pictured here as having been a Civil War Veteran, even though no paperwork actually exists for an "Albert Huston"...yet paperwork does exist for "Albert Huston Parton".

1896 photo, Black Mountain Academy
Evarts, Harlan County, Kentucky

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  1. My Great Grandfather was Albert Houston must have been in the witness protection plan. I've tried for years to find out where he came from. I had an uncle that said his name was Albert Huston McDonald. Would like to know


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