Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Biggest Mystery to Date!

I had to send out this post!  I have just come across 2 dead relatives that miraculously show up in the 1910 Yokum Creek, Harlan, Kentucky census!  I am looking at their death records...they are suppose to be dead!  What does this mean??

Death record of the woman gives her cause of death as "no report found. informant __ due to old age ____".  The man's record says "Dr. N.S. Howard attended this patient.  Have not been able to get in touch with him.  _____ from his son said Grappe was the cause of his death."

In both cases, the son "J.C. Houston" was the informant.  Then, in 1928, the son was killed with a gun shot wound to the left side.

My mind is racing!  Is this son a con man?  Did he fake the death of his parents for some reason? Insurance fraud?  What?

I am on the trail and will keep you posted! starts The Family History Writing Challenge and I have something prepared for that, but this has me consumed at the moment!

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